About us

tonatiuh2Aztec Inflatables is one of the pioneers in production of advertising and entertainment in Romania, active on the market since 1998. With over 16 years of experience, Aztec Inflatables now has its own group of loyal customers, who knew to appreciate it’s creativity and support its growth even from the beginning, but also an ever-growing network of new customers.

Our main objective is continuous development of new products, meant to match your requests at the highest standards, doubled with continuous growth in quality and a permanent search for new technologies that allow us to provide the highest quality services. Working with local suppliers helps us keep costs down and shorten the delivery time usually generated by imports.

Company philosophy

We believe in quality and well-made products, and we are permanently working in developing our range of products so that they match any requirement. We strongly promote quality, team-work and excellent customer service.
Innovation we believe is an essential asset which should be used as an engine for the continuous growth of any business.
Our experience of over 16 years of advertising production in Romania makes us believe we succeeded in putting these values into practice.


We use latest-generation equipment to produce the most original inflatable mascots, the most spectacular balloons and playgrounds for kids that have all the necessary safety certifications.
Technology helps us transform our ideas and projects into reality so here is a list with what we often use:
Plotter – with a printing quality of 360dpi, maximum of 720 dpi on maximum width of 1.90m on almost any support (textile, self-adhesive, PVC and so on) at a speed of maximum 100 sqm/hour;
Cutter for material – with a vacuum table produced in-house sized 2.5m in width and 7.5m in length that automatically cuts any type of fabric;
Cutter for self-adhesive foils – used mostly for cutting away letters and logos for banners, in case the client does not want it printed;
Professional heavy-duty and latest generation sewing machines;
Different mechanical tools for product production, maintenance and repair;
Our own fleet of cars and vans for quick and safe transport;
Due to the use of high quality equipment Aztec Inflatables is the first inflatable producer in Romania to obtain the latest safety certificates form ISCIR CERT for its inflatable games. All of them also have been analyzed for risks in use according to current European norms and applying laws.
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Services provided & Customers

unknown2Services that can be requested for products installed in Bucharest or anywhere in the country:
transport – assembly and anchorage – portable electrical generators or authorized connections to mains supply
– security services – non-stop service, maintenance and repair – acquiring installment authorizations and payment of due taxes – extended warranty

12249793_1125989600744461_924164532542211801_nIf you want to promote your product so everyone can see it we will help you with a 10-20m-high replica! We can also produce arches, sky-dancers, balloons, spheres, tents and almost anything you can imagine!